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Hill fort MTB trail

Monday evening I was out with the Hurtwood MTB Trail builders still trying to agree a line for the trail. The new trail has been built to avoid the ancient hill fort. To my non-MTB mind it was all finished apart from some minor tweaking that I think I mentioned in an earlier post. I think it should have read re-designing rather than tweaking! Apparently building a new trail is an exact science, unfortunately no one seems to agree on what the science is.

Here’s a picture of the trail building process, it’s fortunate you can’t hear what they’re saying!

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I’m not quite sure what’s going on with the weather at the moment, Saturday was like a glorious summers day with temperatures of around 25c then what a contrast on the Sunday, just like Autumn. Still the heather is looking glorious.
My two contractors have done a great job of taking down one of the forked limbs of an old oak that had started to spilt and head in the direction of one of our neighbours gardens. Fortunately one of our contractors is a qualified tree surgeon which helps keep down the costs. Taking down a large limb a bit at a time is very time consuming, not to mention time spent clearing up all the brash.

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