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Clearance work

We’ve just finished clearing back regrowth to open up the view, once again, from the road up to Peaslake Cemetery. It’s a popular  route used by lots of local dog walkers, and it’s been nice to receive such appreciative comments from passers by. In future we’ll strim the banks annually, to prevent the regrowth from obscuring the view again. I believe that the old collapsed bench will be replaced with a new one.

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A second load of Tree Surgeons fly tip rubbish arrived sometime last night, mostly Leylandii. fly tip Still, the tractor is doing the job of clearing up the mess

considerably quicker than previously.


Whilst we were there we also tidied up the Oak that had recieved a few “Bashes” when the trees were thinned around it.

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Another soggy day

The planned Pine pulling and get a free Christmas Tree, didn’t quite go to plan!

As forecast, the weather was atrocious, it didn’t stop raining all the time we were there (9am till 1pm, in fact it didn’t stop all day). To say we were cold and wet was a definite understatement! Not helped by the fact I forgot my normal waterproof leggings and had to make do with  stand-by pair I keep in the pick-up. After 30 minutes I realised why they were a  stand-by pair, and made a note in future to throw things away that don’t work. Needless to say my legs were soaked after an hour. About 35 families turned up for a free tree and a mince pie with a cup of hot mulled fruit juice.

Not a lot of Pine pulling was achieved (well none at all actually), but there now 35 less Pine trees on the Heathland!

We did hand out leaflets advertising the other volunteer days, and managed to spread the word about The Hurtwood.

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Almost on cue

Our regular December fly tipper has been at work again this year. If you know any one who’s had a Eucalyptus tree cut down, let me know please.treetip1

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Just a quick update. It looks like we’re going to be busy on Saturday. If you’re coming there’s plenty of trees to go round. I’m not sure the car park will cope if every one turns up a 10am on the dot! So feel free to turn up later.

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