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Un-sanctioned bike trails


There continues to be a problem with someone re-opening up the closed off trail that more less runs parallel with the first part of BKB. Our MTB strategy is quite clear, we will not allow any further new trail building on The Hurtwood.  We currently need to work on our existing network to make it manageable and sustainable. Obviously a considerable amount of effort was used to create these jumps using the felled trees. bkbrensm We’ll continue with our policy of putting beyond use any trails we find.

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Sofa so good!

I was quite impressed by how much you can get on a pick up in one go, I’m not sure it was entirely legal, but it did the job. For the record it was, one four drawer filling cabinet,a washing machine, a two seat sofa and a three seat sofa plus all the cushions. All kindly dumped in car park no.6 on the evening of 8th Jan.

sofapickup_sm pickupsofa1_sm

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If you’ve been out recently you may have noticed several of these fences dotted about the place.deerex_sm2

They are in fact Deer exclosures designed to see the effect any Deer browsing may have on the new tree growth. These have been erected by the estate as part of their forestry operations.

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The new office

Happy New Year to you all!

I’m typing this entry into the blog from my new office in Peaslake, situated in the Parish office behind The Old School Room. I’ll be sharing the office with the church Warden and the Vicar, so no jokes about Captain Mainwaring please!! If you see the pickup parked outside please feel free to pop in.

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