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Tut Tut!!

I see someones been busy again!

It’s a real shame to have to remove such a nice piece of engineering, neither I or my contractors like to take down these things, (well my contractors might, but they’re not as benevolent as me). But as I’ve said before, allowing such structures jeopardises¬† the future of mountain biking on The Hurtwood. The liability implications are too great for the land owners to bear. It was built as part of a new off-shoot of an existing trail, so it also meant someone had been cutting into the hillside to make the new trail as well. For anyone who doesn’t know, we will not allow any further un-sanctioned trail building on The Hurtwood. The current trail network is already vast and in need of repair, and these are the issues we will be tackling first.

I’m afraid it doesn’t look quite the same now.


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April seems to have slipped by and I’ve had little chance to update the blog. So just a brief summary of whats been going on.

The little car park at Farley Heath has been re-surfaced and given a new increased gradient to try to aid water run-off.farley

We’ve re-graded part of the main path that leads from Holmbury Hill towards car park no.1. This has removed all the mud and made it more attractive for bikes to stay off The Greensand Way path that’s used by so many families. We’ve also added some new “Pedestrian Only barriers”. This helps to make it clear the paths that we particularly don’t want bikers to use.resurface-muddy1



Unfortunately bikes have been using the banks on the Iron Age Hill Fort. This is already starting to cause some erosion, so I’ve had to add some barricades along with notices. There will always be a persistent minority who will continue to give the majority of sensible riders a bad name. Hopefully if I’m equally persistent they’ll get the message.

This is not just a case of the “Fun Police”, the Hill Fort is a Scheduled Ancient Monument,¬† and I, as the land manager, must show that we’ve taken steps to prevent damage, whether caused by erosion due to miss-use or deliberate vandalism.

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