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Update December 2015

Ok early new years resolution….update the blog more regularly…..watch this space!

So to start off, a quick update on the land sales, I can confirm that the first lot (top of Pitch Hill) has been completed, and has been sold to a local resident. Once all the lots have been sold and completed, probably in the next couple of months, we will update everyone of any changes to access, though we all hope it remains as things are.

Meanwhile we’ve been busy on Holmbury Hill at car park No.1, giving it a bit of a haircut as the view was becoming a bit overgrown. I know a lot of our less mobile visitors, like to park on the top part of the car park and look at the view from their cars or the benches in front. Speaking of benches, we will be replacing the one that has been vandalised as soon as I come across a nice lump of hardwood to replce the seat.

Further over the hill at the junction known as ‘Fiveways’, a not very imaginative name for a junction of five ways, we’ve been clearing the sightlines. It’s a fairly major junction, and I’d noticed that poor visibility was starting to become an issue. My main concern was mountain bikers travelling at speed coming into contact with other users. On the whole, I think its now fair to say that the vast majority of bikers who are familiar with the Hurtwood, know that they can come across other users at any time, and tend to ride accordingly. However there’s still a few that think riding as fast as they can, at all times, is the norm. As a couple of bike trails start and finish near to the junction, it can get quite busy, so to give everyone as much sight as possible, it did need a bit of a cut back. This is nothing new and something we do on lots of other trails, to increase lines of sight as much as we can. Hopefully this picture explains it a little.

Holmbury Hill

Logging on Winterfold is nearly finished and we are hoping to have the carpark open again by the second week of January, that’s assuming it doesn’t need re-surfacing first.

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