The view from the the Lord Justice James’ seat on Winterfold had become increasingly over grown over the last few years, which in part was deliberate. With the increasing amount of mountain bikes leaping off the edge, it was starting to erode quite badly, signs unfortunately don’t work and in my experience the only option is to create a physical barrier, and this is why the tees were left to grow so big. The plan was to have the view cleared at the beginning of the year, but due to the amount of storm damage we’ve had to clear, it got postponed with the intention of doing t this autumn. However as its been a very good year so far for all regrowth, it had got to a point where the view was totally obliterated, and after receiving more than a few requests to have it cleared, I brought forward the work. So here are few before and after pics, we’ve laid all the cut tress across the paths that had been causing the erosion and hope people will respect this and not remove them and help stop further damage of the view point. IMG_0448 IMG_0452 IMG_0458 IMG_0459

Storm Damage

Day three of clearing fallen trees from the storm that battered the Hurtwood on the evening of the 23rd/24th December 2013. Still plenty more to do yet, but I think Ive started to make a dent in the number blocking paths. Though one new one thrown in two nights ago, blocking the road up to Peaslake cemetery. It took five hours to get everything cleared on the path from Walking Bottom car park to Pitch Hill car park today, and that’s just clearing a route, not tidying up all the debris too, that’ll have to wait till later! Here’s a few pics for now, more to follow.

162 161 160 159 156 155 154 150 149 148 147 145 142 140 133 131 125 124

Woodland Fun!

After the worst of the extremely cold days had passed, we managed to run our first Woodland Activity Day of 2013 on Friday. Don’t get me wrong, it still wasn’t by any means warm, but at least we didn’t have the -3 wind chill!


We did also suffer a minor set back, when the camp we’d built over the Easter weekend was destroyed on the Bank Holiday Monday, but we re-built it late on the Thursday evening all ready for Friday.


I don’t think for one moment we imagined it was going to be quite so cold in April when we planned these days at the end of last year, but none the less, the children came well prepared and it wasn’t long before the cold was beaten by some good old fashioned running around fun!


 It was also great to get some wonderful reviews from happy parents……

 “They had a fantastic day and really didn’t want to come home. They were also really up for going to bed early”


“My hard to please 9 year old said it was the best thing he had ever gone on…absolutely loved it..Ray Mears here we come!”


“Thank you for a fantastic day out for my daughter – she loved it so much, we are about to book another day next week!”

Here are a few pictures from the day, and we’re all looking forward to next week.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

New Tractor.

The new tractor arrived on Friday and within hours was put to work clearing up fly tip on Winterfold and Farley Heath. Sadly I forgot to take any pictures of it before it got muddy!

So fingers crossed, unlike our old tractor, it wont be forever breaking down, leaving me stranded in the middle of the Hurtwood, and consequently we wont be spending a small fortune getting it repaired.


A household clearance dumped at the Roman Temple car park, Farley Heath.


Three large loads of tree surgeons waste dumped in the entrance to car park no.6, on Winterfold.

So you’re probably wondering what this has got to do with anything on the Hurtwood?

Quite a lot actually, and particularly to the part of the Hurtwood owned by Shere Manor Estate, anyone guessing yet?

“We apologise for the restricted parking in two of the main car parks at Walking Bottom and the Windmill and also for the damage caused to the surface by the current Forestry operations. Not only does this make parking difficult, particularly at the Windmill for all but 4WD vehicles, it also means that overspill parking at weekends is causing problems in Peaslake Village. While we are responsible for the maintenance of these car parks the forestry operations are outside of our control. We will continue to work with the Landowner to minimise any further damage to these car parks and in the longer term our aim is to ensure that the car parks are returned to good condition and normal capacity as soon as is practically possible”.

Maybe this would be a good time to consider exploring other areas of the Hurtwood? Did you know we have twelve other carparks?


A couple of things; forestry work has now started on Pitch Hill, so part of Walking Bottom car park will be closed off. This means we’ve lost 20-25 spaces, so please think about using one of the other car parks, and please don’t think about parking in the villages, but f you really need to park in the village, please show consideration for other road users.

The forestry work will  initially be concentrating on the slopes near the cemetery in Peaslake, and this does mean the existing bike trail will probably get damaged, however the Hurtwood trail volunteers have been tasked with building a new better longer trail as soon as the work is finished.

Unfortunately we’ve had to remove a bike trail that has been built without our permission on Holmbury Hill. As we’ve said in the past, we will not allow any more unauthorised trail building on The Hurtwood, please respect the landowners wishes.