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Remote camera

I’d been thinking I’d quite like one of those wildlife remote cameras, think I might have found a good spot to put it!


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Happy New Year!

Christmas this year has been slightly busier than usual, and needless to say a few more problems. Mountain bikers are continuing to use a footpath running from the bottom of BKB to Peaslake, rather than using the road. There is a twofold reason for not using the footpath, one so walkers don’t get run over and secondly, and more importantly the exit onto the road has far poorer vision than the proper bridleway exit, which we’d like everyone to use. Clearly despite and obvious barrier, more signage is required. I do know the majority of bikers do use the road, but sadly as always, the minority will insist on spoiling it for the others.

In the week after Christmas, we did have some problems with motorbikes coming onto The hurtwood, and just generally being a pain. If you see any please do let me know, especially if you see any being taken out of vans ready to be used, number plates are especially useful to the Police.

On a brighter note, I had my very own Christmas present…..
Fly tip Hurtwood

Ok, so maybe not the present I wanted!

On a seriously more brighter note, we’ve put a new bench up on Pitch Hill on the main footpath to the top. This was paid for with kind donation by Ewhurst Village Society. although there’s currently not a great view from the bench, it’s an ideal spot for a rest after the steepest part of the path.

New gates have now gone up at the entrance to the reservoir too, although the existing gate as not been locked for some time now, it’s only recently that we’ve been having trouble with idiots deciding to take cars for late night spins around The Hurtwood, so now we have a locked gate again.

If you look closely you’ll see some hideous green paint on it, this has been done deliberately to deter ‘Gate thieves’, I’ll be painting it properly later this week.

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