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A couple of things; forestry work has now started on Pitch Hill, so part of Walking Bottom car park will be closed off. This means we’ve lost 20-25 spaces, so please think about using one of the other car parks, and please don’t think about parking in the villages, but f you really need to park in the village, please show consideration for other road users.

The forestry work will  initially be concentrating on the slopes near the cemetery in Peaslake, and this does mean the existing bike trail will probably get damaged, however the Hurtwood trail volunteers have been tasked with building a new better longer trail as soon as the work is finished.

Unfortunately we’ve had to remove a bike trail that has been built without our permission on Holmbury Hill. As we’ve said in the past, we will not allow any more unauthorised trail building on The Hurtwood, please respect the landowners wishes.

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